I’m a sardinian photographer, currently involved in the cinema post-production industry in Rome. 

My photographic reserch started in 2019 after having inherited a dear relative’s camera.

I wanted to honor this gift so I started studying and experimenting with photography as a self-taught. This is how I slowly understood how fundamental the search for beauty is in my daily life.

I think that this research is so personal and subjective that it must involve a deep and intimate inner investigation: my concept of beauty is hidden in details, in geometry and in the search for harmony, in melancholy or distant subjects, in fact it’s recurrent that my human subjects have their eyes closed, as if they were immersed in their own dreams, lost in their own dimension.

Loss of identity is one of the recurring themes of my research, represented for example by covered faces or partially covered or subjects turned from behind, bondage, etc.

I also try to represent the feeling of living with a mental illness through images that can also convey feelings of tension; that’s an alternative way to express myself through that bubble.

Surely the Sardinian environment in which I was born and raised and to which I am deeply attached leads me to prefer natural scenery and landscapes.

Natural light is my favorite choice of lighting indoor too, so I can create picturesque contrasts on volumes.